Automate and Mobilize Your Field Inventory Management

WebOps Logistics™ provides the speed, visibility and precision required to automate and mobilize field sales and inventory management.  Instead of using fax machines and sticky notes, manufacturers and distributors can leverage iPads, smartphones, laptops or PCs to schedule and manage cases, implants, and instruments in real-time from any location. WebOps customers have used this highly mobile solution to increase sales, reduce inventory, and boost productivity, while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk – for over $2.5 billion worth of medical devices and counting. 

WebOps Logistics applies the latest advances in remote and web-based access in hospitals, warehouses and other field locations to better manage the entire case planning and fulfillment cycle -- including sales, reverse logistics, replenishment and billing.  This proven solution:

  • Provides item level inventory visibility and real-time tracking that automates inventory control.
  • Meets FDA and HIPAA traceability requirements including the ability to instantly locate items and lot codes for quarantine, recall or aging.
  • Facilitates collaboration between sales, operations and customer service by immediately sharing status changes and updates.

How Does it Work?  WebOps Logistics uses mobile technology to keep everyone connected in real time - even sales reps during a surgery. The sales rep scans the medical device barcodes as they are implanted, directly into a smartphone or tablet. This data ripples through the system:

  • Providing sales with rapid, accurate hospital pricing.
  • Giving customer service immediate visibility for usage reorders and billing preparation.
  • Allowing the warehouse to prepare for the next case.
  • Capturing usage and cycle counts with Bluetooth enabled scanners.

What’s the Impact?  WebOps Logistics boosts productivity across your entire enterprise – up to 45 percent. Sales reps create orders with unparalleled speed and efficiency, while eliminating end-of-day bottlenecks to get orders in.

WebOps Logistics delivers superior visibility of the work flow and inventory status between field sales and the back office or warehouse team. Everyone can view up-to-the-minute schedules, case requirements, products sent to a case, and inventory usage.  And WebOps Logistics provides a wide range of flexible and scalable interface options that allow the exchange of data with ERP, accounting and inventory systems. To learn more, contact WebOps today.