For Distributors.


Challenges that are forcing change….

The Distributor’s customer is changing. More and more it is the Hospital and Insurer that are choosing the approved vendor based on a variety of factors, pricing being the most important.

Due to these changes, Distributors are forced to lower the cost of sales and therefore take drastic cost-cutting measures in areas such as employee head count, freight, and inventory carrying costs. Now more then ever, operational efficiencies are a necessity.

  • Whiteboards, emails, faxes and phone calls are time killers
  • Errors in transcription of catalogs/lot codes on order forms
  • Missed surgeries due to lack of (or incorrect) inventory
  • Sales Reps spending more time on logistics and communication and less time selling

These are all problems that the common Distributor is facing in today’s market.

A critical piece in the “profitability puzzle”…

WebOps is a business solution configured specifically for the medical device distributor world. By replacing the traditional paper-based and manual methods, the distributor is able to operate more lean in both headcount and inventory costs.

  • The WebOps Mobile Application resides on the Sales Reps iPhone, iPad or Android device and is utilized for electronic surgery scheduling, product requests, consignment increase requests, inventory audits, hospital contract pricing
  • Through the WebOps Web App, operations manages and tracks all requests, inventory allocations, orders and replenishments
  • Inventory analysts can source product from multiple locations based on recommendations within the tool in order to ensure product availability
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