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The medical device business is changing, and pressures from shareholders, customers, and new government regulations have added strains to the traditional ways manufacturers are doing business.

“Just In Case” Inventory

“Just In Case” Inventory

Challenges result in bad behaviors

Challenges result in bad behaviors

  • Customers and Payers are driving down the pricing, yet the demand of product availability remains the same
  • Government entities are adding more stringent requirements to the way these devices are tracked and traced
  • The introduction of the Unique Device Identification requirements is adding additional costs and requirements for the packaging and labeling of products
  • Pressures from executives and investors to reduce SG&A and improve DSO, increase product turns, reduce inventory shrinkage, and improve on Working Capital Utilization

Medical Device Logistics

Traditionally, vendors lose visibility of their product once it leaves the distribution facility.

webops-solutions-for-manufacturers-3WebOps Logistics helps manufacturers get a better handle and understanding of their Inventory and Capital in the field by providing the “Last Mile” tracking of the inventory all the way down the Sales Rep’s “Trunk” Stock and Hospital Inventory Closet.

Once the medical device is used or consumed, the inventory is immediately debited and reported back from WebOps to the ERP or WMS, therefore closing the loop on the supply chain.

WebOps also provides an Inventory Analyst, Sales Rep, or Account Rep with the ability to perform inventory audits direct from the location using their Apple iOS or Android device. Counts and scans are compared against known par levels on the device and immediately presented to the user for remediation.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced Working Capital
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Increased Sales
  • Better decisions through Business Intelligence
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