webops-history History

In the summer of 2006, as a result of a search for an electronic solution to quality concerns, expensive errors, and customer service issues stemming from a manual and error prone inventory management process, a large distributor of medical devices founded WebOps LLC.  The platform was developed by a combination of medical device industry experts and seasoned software executives, resulting in a scalable, flexible, feature-rich platform.



WebOps has grown to be the market leader in Medical Device Logistics and has more than 25 Medical Device Manufacturer clients, including 3 of the largest.  We are critical to the operations of over 100 Medical Device Distributors and more than 6500 health care professionals and device reps who use our platform every day.


For you

WebOps is dedicated to helping medical device manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers streamline the order initiation, asset tracking, inventory visibility and operations processes — ultimately increasing sales and margins. Our customers depend on WebOps Logistics Software to accurately schedule and manage surgical cases, place orders, and tightly control consignment inventory.

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