Orthopaedic Link partners with WebOps and GMLx


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Orthopaedic Link partners with WebOps and GMLx

Medical Device Logistics Software and 3PL Services to manage charitable donations of orthopaedic implants in developing countries

ATLANTA, GA (June 24, 2014) —WebOps, the leading medical device logistics software innovator, and GlobalMed Logistix (GMLx), a medical device 3PL company, announced today that Orthopaedic Link has partnered with WebOps to support Orthopaedic Link’s global effort to supply developing countries with donated implants and instruments from medical device manufacturers.  Orthopaedic Link was created to serve patients with orthopaedic conditions in developing countries by mobilizing surplus implants from device manufacturers.

The WebOps Software and 3PL combined solution will be used to track the donated instruments and implants from the warehouse to their destination country and will also serve as the implant record when the devices are delivered and implanted.

We are excited about the partnership between WebOps, GMLx and Orthopaedic Link,” remarks Orthopaedic Link’s President, Dheera Ananthakrishnan, MD. “The 3PL services will allow us to grow and expand our global impact, and the WebOps software will allow us to streamline our internal processes and improve patient care.”

“Partnering with a great organization like Orthopaedic Link to help support their humanitarian effort is an honor, and WebOps is proud to be a part of this project,” says Al Payne, CEO of WebOps.

About Orthopaedic Link
Orthopaedic Link is a 501c3 US (Atlanta, Georgia) non-profit corporation established in 2009 to address deficiencies in current models of orthopaedic humanitarian aid.  Orthopaedic Link’s mission is to mobilize idle inventory from a worldwide consortium of orthopaedic implant companies to supply qualified surgeons in the developing world.  Our vision is to impact musculoskeletal health and surgical skills in low and middle income countries and to decrease the global burden of unused implants.  To date, Orthopaedic Link has helped over 200 patients by mobilizing over $1 million worth of inventory.  Learn more at www.orthopaediclink.org.

About WebOps
Launched in 2006, WebOps is dedicated to helping medical device manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers streamline the order initiation, asset tracking, inventory visibility and operations processes – ultimately reducing costs and increasing sales and margins.   WebOps also offers comprehensive 3PL services to clients who want the combined benefit of the WebOps software with physical device storage, order fulfillment, shipping and best in class customer service.  WebOps is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at www.webops.com.

About GlobalMed Logistix
GlobalMed Logistix, LLC (GMLx) is a leading healthcare third party logistics support company specializing in national and international warehousing, distribution, inventory management, customer service, and company book keeping.  With the company’s long history in healthcare logistics, GMLx is capable of quickly customizing the customer’s logistics requirements into a full, turnkey solution.  GMLx is the perfect solution for national and international companies expanding into new markets, where customers can focus on their core competencies while GMLx takes care of their logistics needs.  Founded in 2013, GMLx is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Orthopaedic Link: Dheera Ananthakrishnan, 206-295-1250, dheera@orthopaediclink.org
WebOps: Mark Ouellette, 678-948-7313, mark.ouellette@webops.com
GLMx: Kyle Holloway, 404-428-6703, kyle.holloway@gmlx.us.com