Providers: Hospitals and ASCs.

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Shocking! Leakage in the highest spend category is the biggest PAIN!

The Operating Room is the biggest cost consumer in the hospital or surgery center. Challenges with capturing all inventory used, getting accurate product pricing on-demand, and communicating orders to purchasing and back to the vendor are all cost prohibitive.

Keep tracked of owned inventory, consignment closets, instruments, and physician preferences are all time consuming and error prone tasks.

Replace Sticker Sheets with Electronic Capture

From surgery scheduling, inventory allocation, and reporting product utilization, WebOps automates activities that are traditionally done manually and streamlines the workflow throughout the hospital supply chain.

Benefits include:

  • Manage, track, and assign inventory for surgical cases
  • Document utilization using barcode scanners or pick lists
  • Create physician preferences to ensure all product is available and accounted for
  • Communicate orders directly to purchasing and to the manufacturer
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