WebOps Logistics – Advanced Analytics.


With a best in class OEM Analytics engine from Tableau, combined with a Global Data Warehouse, WebOps Analytics provides our customers a feature-rich Business Intelligence platform that drastically changes the way our clients view their business.  Featuring customizable templates and preconfigured dashboards, WebOps Analytics combines multiple data sources into one view and allows the users to “drag and drop” to create visualizations that facilitate trend analysis and creating forecasting models.

The browser-based solution ensures the product is available whenever and wherever the WebOps customer needs access from a variety of methods including PC’s, Laptop, and Mobile or Tablet devices.



  • A logical structure behind the dashboard that makes accessing current data easy and fast
  • Combine multiple data sources into one view
  • Interactivity with filtering and highlighting
      • Executive & Operational
      • Customer Service & Sales


Configurable Views on Demand

  • Edit capabilities that allows user to create desired view
  • Drag and drop feature allows for adding/removing data tables
  • Multiple visualization choices

Easy to create, easy to share

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