WebOps Logistics – Case Edition.

webops-logistics-case-edition-2The WebOps Case based solution delivers superior visibility of the workflow and inventory status between field sales and the back office or warehouse team. Team members can view up-to-the-minute case statuses, schedules, loaner case requirements, products sent to a case, and inventory usage.

webops-logistics-case-edition-1WebOps utilizes the latest in mobile technology to keep everyone connected in real time – even sales reps during a surgery. The sales rep scans the medical device barcodes through a paired Bluetooth Scanner directly into a smartphone or tablet. This data flows instantly through the system:

  • Providing sales with rapid, accurate account and hospital pricing
  • Giving customer service immediate visibility of usage and orders for billing preparation and loaner retrieval
  • Allowing the warehouse to prepare and deliver orders and replenishments for trunk stock cases
  • Capturing usage at the point of consumption

WebOps mobile applications do not collect, use, store, or share any information about the user or any other person.

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