WebOps Logistics Offers ERP Order Integration

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WebOps Logistics Offers ERP Order Integration

New Milestone for Medical Device Technology Leader


ATLANTA, GA (February 18, 2013) — Today, WebOps LLC, the leader in medical device field inventory management, announced that WebOps Logistics has deployed Order Integration to multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


Following the very successful rollout of WebOps Logistics to more than 3500 new users in 2012, WebOps began working with two customers on Sales Order Integration to pass data seamlessly from WebOps to multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The integration project followed a strict timetable of design, development and testing resulting in today’s successful deployment. Implementation is projected to drive customer service productivity, enabling significant growth to be absorbed by existing staff.


Order Integration transmits case usage information entered into mobile devices in the Operating Room by Sales Reps to flow into WebOps and directly into the ERP system to automatically create the billing and replenishment orders. Also included is the ability to update the billing order with a Purchase Order number from WebOps to each ERP that will trigger the invoicing process.


WebOps’ CEO Al Payne said: “We are very excited to have achieved this milestone. Integration to some of the largest Enterprise Resource Planning platforms in the industry is a large-scale project with many complex layers. We are proud of the work our teams have completed.”


About WebOps

Now supporting over 50,000 surgeries each month, WebOps helps medical device manufacturers and distributors accurately schedule and manage surgical cases in order to tightly track and control field inventory.  WebOps Logistics is a highly mobile, web-based solution used in hospitals, warehouses and other field locations to automate the entire case planning and fulfillment cycle including sales, reverse logistics, replenishment and billing – managing over $4 billion in medical device sales to date. Our customers enjoy increased sales, reduced inventory, lower freight and courier costs and higher productivity, all while ensuring implant traceability, regulatory compliance and minimized risk. Founded in 2006, WebOps is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at www.WebOps.com.



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