WebOps Releases New Software Updates

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WebOps Releases New Software Updates

ROSWELL, GA (April 28, 2019) —

WebOps, the leading medical device logistics software company, released new versions of its web and mobile applications yesterday. Web Software Version 4.2.0 includes enhancements to Single Sign-On (SSO), Product Quality Alert (PQA) Email Control, Transfer Efficiency, Browser Tab Labels, Receiving Report Timestamp, and Ticket Resolution. Mobile Software Version 5.3.0 includes an updated look and feel to a number of screens, and enhancements to Surgery Entry Form, Open Purchase Order Report, and Ticket Resolution. Users are encouraged to view the Release Notes for additional information.

Joe Carlson, Vice President of Product Management for WebOps, said, “In 2019 we have built upon the Kanban agile methodology we implemented with Jira in 2018 by creating a second track for rapidly developed and validated releases. We now maintain a two-track road map on our Kanban board – a major release track for large enhancements or customer SOWs, and an express track to respond quickly to customer requests for smaller enhancements and maintenance releases. These two releases are excellent examples of our express track in action.”

About WebOps
Founded in 2005, WebOps is the World’s Leading medical device logistics and analytics provider with over 90,000 surgeries coordinated and performed each month. WebOps is dedicated to helping medical device manufacturers, third party logistics and healthcare providers streamline the order process and improve inventory control while accelerating turns and reducing overall inventory investments. WebOps is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia. Learn more at www.webops.com

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